Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday, Jan. 13 2-4 pm @ Spur Line Supply Co. in Albuquerque Smoke Enfleurage Workshop Love the smell of burning piñon in the cool winter air?  Learn the art of capturing a smoke’s unique perfume to blend into your fragrances or wear on its own.  Working with New Mexico’s local resins and aromatics, participants will learn how to set a chassis and burn materials to create the most beautiful smoke perfumes.  Limited space, register early! $30/person. Register here.

Sunday, Feb. 10 2-4 pm @ Spur Line Supply Co. in Albuquerque Basics of Desert Botanical Perfumery    Learn the basics of botanical perfumery and New Mexico’s high desert fragrance palette and create your own desert perfume!  Participants bring home 5mL roller of their own botanical fragrance.  Limited space, register early! $35/person. Register here.

Wild Walks

Come learn the edible and useful plants of New Mexico's high desert!  

In addition to crafting botanical products, Dryland Wilds also teaches local plant identification and foraging classes. We take groups of interested people for walks in northern New Mexico, teaching about dozens of edible and useful local plants and how to sustainably harvest and process them. The high desert has an incredible bounty of wild foods as well an amazing array of beautiful and useful aromatics. Learning these plants brings a whole new relationship and connection to wild spaces, whether you are hiking into the wilderness to prune sagebrush and gather oak galls or foraging an abandoned lot for super-greens and wild berries.

Depending on the group’s interest, we focus either on wild foods or plants for skin care and botanical perfumery. Private Wild Walks can be arranged in or around Santa Fe or Albuquerque, and focused on wilderness or urban foraging. Come learn the wilds with us!

Private groups of 5-15 students are $25/per student for a 2-hour class, geared toward desired ecozone and foraging knowledge.  Individual instruction is priced at $50/hr. Wheel chair accessible classes can be arranged. Please contact us to set up a Wild Walks group or individual expedition. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn about upcoming wild walks in your area!

2018 Wild Walk Schedule

Our wild walks have ended for the season. Check back come Spring!

Feel free to contact us with any questions.