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Do you use organic ingredients?
We use certified organic oils, hand-render “waste” tallow from a small local butcher that comes from sheep raised on New Mexican pasture, and create botanical perfumes out of wildcrafted desert plants and therapeutic grade essential oils, concretes and absolutes.  We source our high quality beeswax from a chemical-free beekeeper.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us
Are your products tested on animals?
Our products are tested on friends and family, never animals.  The decisions we make for our business are always weighed with animals’ lives in mind, both domesticated and wild.
Are your products vegan?
Our Face + Beard Oil and Beauty oil are 100% vegan.  Our balms contain beeswax and our soaps contain local tallow that would otherwise be thrown away.  We choose our ingredients considering their carbon footprint, water footprint and impact on wildlife and ecosystems in which they are grown. 
Why do you use tallow in your soap?                                                                                                                                 The tallow we use in our botanical soaps is rendered from waste animal fat from a local butcher. We wanted a soap ingredient to substitute for palm oil, which is produced halfway across the world with devastating environmental impacts. Living in the desert in a time of climate uncertainty, we are extremely water conscious and would rather save a clean oil like tallow from the landfill than use up more water by purchasing water-hungry plant oil to make soap.  So, although we don’t eat meat, we decided to save the tallow from being thrown away and use it for our soaps. And it’s good to note that after being processed into soap (saponification) tallow no longer has any fragrance.

What is desert perfume?
The precise perfume of sagebrush and desert soil after rain will never be truly captured – thank goodness. However, it is our pleasure and obsession to pay homage to these untamable landscapes through our botanical perfumery. 
Our desert perfumes are made from pure plant, soil and fungi extractions.  We forage New Mexico’s desert landscapes for its most beautiful fragrances and translate these scents into wearable perfumes through the ancient arts of perfumery.  Meaning, we venture out into the desert for days on end, gather dryland plants in great quantities and extract their fragrance using steam distillation, maceration and enfleurage back home in our workshop.  We then blend these extractions with other plant-based essential oils, absolutes and concretes to create perfumes that truly smell like the desert we live in. 
These fragrances are made by nature and contain no synthetic ingredients.  They come from living things and will continue their life on your skin.  Your personal chemistry will harmonize differently with our different botanical scents – try them out and see what you like best. 
How can I learn more about the plants featured in your products? 
Check out our blog or if you’re in our neck of the woods, sign up for a Wild Walks plant identification tour and learn the aromatic, edible and useful plants of New Mexico’s high desert.  We’d love to meet you.
What is sustainable wildcrafting?
Unfortunately, as wildcrafting becomes more mainstream, some of the knowledge of how to harvest from the wild has not been passed along.  We strongly believe that our harvests must strengthen and improve the health and resiliency of plant community, and follow a firm set of principles to do this.  Read our principles of sustainable wildcrafting here. 
How do you make your soap?
To preserve the delicate balance (including flighty top notes) of our desert perfumes, we hot process our soaps.  Hot process creates a rougher, more rustic bar and the high temperature reactions of saponification occur on the stove before pouring, rather than after the pour as in cold processed soaps.  When working with botanical fragrances this is the best way to retain the full fragrance and properties of plant extractions.  Cold process can leave you with only half of the notes of the botanical perfume you began with. 
This process also allows us to control what oils we superfat with (leave unsaponified for an extra moisturizing soap).  We superfat with organic jojoba oil that seals in moisture, leaving your skin soft and smooth.  As our customers have commented, unlike many soaps that leave your skin feeling stripped after use, our soap is so moisturizing that they no longer have to apply lotion after washing.  

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What is the best way to care for your products?
All of our products are handcrafted in small batches without any synthetic ingredients or preservatives and should be cared for like a food.  As we use only botanicals, our desert perfumes are more precious and fleeting than the strong synthetic fragrance oils found in many bath products.  
SOAP: Keep your botanical soap out of direct heat and sunlight and let it drain and dry after use.  Don’t let your soap sit in a pool of water as it will get soggy and lose its fragrance. 
BALM + OIL: Keep your botanical balm, tints and oils in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.  Balms will melt if left in a hot car. 
                                                                                                                                                                                      PLANTWATER:  Store in a cool location out of direct sunlight or refrigerate.
What is the shelf-life of your products?
When stored properly our balm (Lip Balm, Hand Balm, Lip Tint) will stay fresh for six months.  Our oil (Beauty and Beard + Face) has a one year shelf life.  Our plantwater is best when used within 6 months.  Our soap will last indefinitely, but its fragrance, like the plants and flowers it comes from, will fade over time. Please use our soap within six months to experience the full range of its botanical perfume.

What are the medicinal benefits of your products?
Our soaps are for use as a soap only.  Botanical balms and oils are for cosmetic use only and are not intended to treat or cure any disease or skin condition.  Any statement about the attributes of our products has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  
How do I know if I will be allergic to your products?
We use no synthetic chemicals in our products and fragrance with all natural botanical perfumes.  If you have a known allergy to a certain plant, feel free to contact us and we will let you know if that plant is featured anywhere in our products.  If you have extreme sensitivity issues, we recommend that you first test our product on your inner forearm and wait 30 minutes to see if it is a good match for you.
What products can I use if I’m pregnant?
While our products are all natural and great skin food, botanical extracts are potent and many can have contraindications during pregnancy. We steer customers away from using our products during pregnancy and recommend that you check in with your physician, herbalist or healthcare provider about the products you do use. 

Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship within the United States through our website. If you live in Canada, you can make purchases through our Etsy store.
Do you offer free shipping?
Yes!  We offer free shipping on orders $50 and over.  Please use the discount code FreeShip50 to apply this offer. Please note that if you select free shipping, we will decided what USPS shipping method (First Class, Priority, Retail Ground)                                                                                                                                                                What is your shipping method?
We ship USPS.  At checkout, you will have the option to ship priority mail for the flat rate of $7.50 or First Class Parcel based on the weight of the products.  Please note that if you select free shipping, we will select the least expensive USPS shipping method for your products regardless of the method you select.  
When will I receive my order?
We typically send out orders 2-4 business days after they are placed.  USPS transit time can be 3-5 days depending on your location.  If you need your order faster, please contact us before you check out and we’ll do our best to meet your timeline.  We are a small company located very rural and we cannot guarantee shipping times.
What about shipping products in the summer? 
Our balms (hand balms, lip balms, and lip tints) will melt if left out in the heat.  If it is hot where you live, please provide an address where the package will not be left sitting outside, such as a business address.   

What is your return policy?
Due to the handcrafted and small batch nature of our products, we do not accept returns or exchanges. We want you to love our products, so if you are not satisfied in any way, please contact us and we’ll make it right.
Any damages or mistakes with your order should be addressed within 7 days of receiving it.
Please contact us with any concerns or questions regarding your order. 

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