ponderosa desert spray


ponderosa desert spray


Wildcrafted aroma mist for home and body. Our desert sprays are a perfect light fragrance for hair, skin, bedroom, car, office -- anywhere that needs some fresh air and desert time. 

New Mexico’s high desert forests offer a shady, perfumed refuge from the heat of the summer. Giant orange-barked ponderosas, tower brilliant against a perfect clear sky, their bark and resin smelling of rich
vanilla, butterscotch and fresh resinous pine. Lie down for a moment on the soft needles, unwind and let yourself breathe late summer in these desert mountains. 
Handcrafted with extracts of ponderosa needles and resin and other high desert aromatics.

2 oz bottle 

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Contains distillation of ponderosa and pinon bark, resin + needles and other high desert aromatics, organic cane alcohol, and botanical fragrance handcrafted with leaves, flowers + resin from the wilds of New Mexico

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